Charity Commission for Northern Ireland

Lymphoedema Support NI was registered with the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland.

Name Change

As a result of a strategic review of the Northern Ireland Lymphoedema Support Group (NILSG), our name was changed to 'Lymphoedema Support NI'.

Launch of Patient Information Booklet & Website

Our information booklet, entitled 'Lymphoedema - your questions answered'was produced in partnership with the physiotherapy department of North & West Belfast Health & Social Care Trust when the first (pilot) lymphoedema service in Northern Ireland was set up there in 2006.  Our aim was to raise awareness and provide information about lymphoedema and its treatment.  Lymphoedema Support NI was responsible for all production costs of the booklet.

Bursaries for Training

Lymphoedema Support NI has provided bursaries to enable a consultant vascular surgeon, two nurses and twelve physiotherapists from both the statutory and voluntary sectors in Northern Ireland to attend a three-week Lymphoedema Therapy Certification Course at the world-renowned Földi Clinic in Germany (nine of whom have gone on to attend the Földi Advanced & Review Course) under this scheme.  

DHSS Report on Lymphoedema Services

A review was commissioned by the Chief Medical Officer in February 2003 to make recommendations to help commissioners and providers of lymphoedema services and the primary care sector meet the needs of those who suffer from lymphoedema in Northern Ireland.  The Lymphoedema Services Review Group, chaired by Dr. Angela Garvey, Consultant in Palliative Care Medicine, included healthcare professionals and patients from varied backgrounds (including Lymphoedema Support NI) and representatives from the Department of Health and other public bodies.

Clinical Efficiency Support Team (CREST)

Following the Regional Review of Services for Lymphoedema, an expert panel was convened under the auspices of CREST to review the evidence for diagnosing, assessing and treating lymphoedema.  The panel, again chaired by Dr. Garvey, also included patients and healthcare professionals from varied backgrounds (including Lymphoedema Support NI) and representatives from the Department of Health and other public bodies.