Bursaries for Training



Lymphoedema Support NI has provided bursaries to enable a consultant vascular surgeon, two nurses and twelve physiotherapists from both the staturory and voluntary sectors in Northern Ireland to attend a three-week Lymphoedema Therapy Certification Course at the world-renowned Földi Clinic in Germany (several of whom have gone on to attend the Földi Advanced & Review Course) under this scheme.  

In March 2011, we provided funding in partnership with Marie Curie Hospice in Belfast for one of their physiotherapists to attend a Lymphoedema Therapy Certification Course with Klosetraining and Consulting LLC., USA.

 "Expertly performed CDT represents the first-line treatment for lymphoedema, and it must be embedded into comprehensive medical care, remembering that the majority of lymphoedema patients often suffer from one or even several accompanying diseases." (Professor Dr. Ethel Földi)