How long does CDT Treatment last?



CDT treatment takes approximately one and a half hours per day for a minimum of two weeks in the early stages of lymphoedema.  Treatment may last up to six weeks if your lymphoedema has become more advanced.  This is because a greater amount of time is required to improve the skin condition and to break down and soften any fibrosis.

When your limb is as free as possible from swelling, you will be measured for a medical compression garment.  To ensure an exact fit and correct compression - essential for effectiveness and comfort - it is recommended that you are accurately measured for custom made garments by your therapist or by specially trained personnel. (Fig. 4)  

Two garments should always be supplied to allow for washing and to enable you to wear your garment at all times during the day.  Your compression garments should be replaced by your therapist every six months to ensure they remain effective.



Phase 2 - The Maintenance Phase of treatment is lifelong and should ideally include six-monthly checkups and further periods of intensive treatment (CDT), as required.

It consists of:                                                                                        
• Wearing compression garments daily

• Regular MLD, as indicated by your therapist

• Exercises to be done at home

• Skin and nail care

• Self-treatment, as indicated by your therapist



When patients cooperate fully with Phase 2 of CDT, and especially wear their compression garments at all times during the day, they can keep swelling to a minimum.