Clinical Efficiency Support Team (CREST)

Following the Regional Review of Services for Lymphoedema, an expert panel was convened under the auspices of CREST - now GAIN (Guidelines and Audit Implementation Network) - to review the evidence for diagnosing, assessing and treating lymphoedema.  The panel was also chaired by Dr. Garvey and again included patients and healthcare professionals from varied backgrounds, including Lymphoedema Support NI and representatives from the Department of Health and other public bodies.

The Chief Medical Officer for Northern Ireland, Dr. Michael McBride launched the 'CREST 'GUIDELINES FOR THE DIAGNOSIS, ASSESSMENT AND MANAGEMENT OF LYMPHOEDEMA'', together with the Northern Ireland Lymphoedema Network (LNNI), on the 1st February 2008.  The event was attended by representatives from the Department of Health and other public bodies, as well as patients, doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and other allied health care professionals.

Download CREST Guidelines for the Diagnosis, Assessment and Management of Lymphoedema >

Healthcare professionals and patients from Lymphoedema Support NI played an active part as members of the Lymphoedema Review and CREST Lymphoedema Guidelines Groups to ensure that Complex Decongestive therapy (CDT) was recognised as the treatment of choice for lymphoedema. 

Launch of CREST Lymphoedema Guidelines - Members of Lymphoedema Support NI with Chief Medical Officer Dr. Michael McBride